David Moody - author of the AUTUMN and HATER books

I Am Legend

I Am Legend - Richard Matheson Time for a long-overdue re-read of this book. Shame my copy came with a photograph of an over-rated actor starring in an underwhelming film adaptation.

Domain of the Dead

Domain of the Dead - Iain McKinnon Good book by Iain McKinnnon, due for re-release from Permuted Press later this year. Reads more like a late 80's action / monster movie than a traditional zombie story, but that's no bad thing!

Earth Abides

Earth Abides - George R. Stewart A remarkable book. In-depth, intelligent and plausible, this is an undoubted classic of post-apocalyptic literature. Focussing on the long-term effects on the human race after 'The Great Disaster', Stewart paints an entirely believable evolutionary picture. Recommended reading for anyone interested in post-apocalyptic literature.

The World Is Dead

The World Is Dead - Kim Paffenroth, Mark Onspaugh A thoroughly enjoyable collection of zombie-related tales. As with most anthologies, some stories hit closer to the mark than others, but The World is Dead contains more than its fair share of sure-fire hits. I was asked to blurb this book but my recommendation is sincere. A superb collection from Kim Paffenroth and Permuted Press.

The Estuary

The Estuary - Derek Gunn Great zombie book with a very cool set-up. Long forgotten secret Nazi weapons, a trapped population and flesh-eating zombies. Great fun!

The Undead: Zombie Anthology

The Undead: Zombie Anthology - D.L. Snell, Elijah Hall, Travis Adkins, David Wellington, Russell Calhoun, David Moody, Eric S. Brown, Derek Gunn, Meghan Jurado, E.W. Norton, Eric Pape, David Dunwoody, Brent Zirnheld, Kevin L. Donihe, Rebecca Lloyd, Rob Morganbesser, Vince Churchill, Mike Watt, Eric Shap Features my short story "Home"

666: The Number of the Beast

666: The Number of the Beast - Various Features my short story "Grandma Kelly"